register55 re-launches the Australian retailer website

March 15, 2011

register55 (one of my “little” projects) has just re-launched our website that offers any Australian ‘bricks and mortar’ retailer a free online store. It’s hard to believe, but there are still wholesalers and distributors that are in denial that the internet is here… and it’s not going away. They firmly believe they can protect their turf, simply by ignoring that which is plainly obvious.

Any retailer in Australia can set up a fully-functioning website shop that actually makes sales. Best of all, there’s no effort needed by the retailer. They don’t have to hold stock, process payments, or pack and post purchases.

Most of our suppliers are located in Sydney and Melbourne, but we’re expecting to be soon shipping from as far away as Perth and Brisbane. So far, our most remote retailer is in Newman, West Australia – that’s 450km south west of port Hedland in the Pilbara!


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