The Human Cost of Traffic Flow

August 29, 2009

View Church Street – King Street Intersection in a larger map

There’s an intersection in Newtown, Sydney (the corner of King Street and Church Street) where the traffic turning on to King Street has to wait an eternity for the lights to change green.

When they finally do, the long line of waiting cars RACE through the intersection, knowing the lights stay green for only a short time (15 seconds, to be exact). For at least 10 seconds of that time, cars turning left are waiting for pedestrians, so the traffic is stationary.

I’m sure it’s all in the interests of keeping traffic flowing along King Street (also known as the Princes Highway).

There are so many near misses it’s scary. A few more seconds of green and waiting drivers would be less stressed, they’d drive through with patience, and the danger would disappear.

What would it take for a traffic engineer to think it worthwhile to take a look?


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