We know what you want (or at least, we can find out)

July 13, 2008

I thought writing a blog could not be that difficult. Yet it’s weeks since I lasted posted anything.

I’ll try and be a little more committed to the cause.

I’ve decided to move the office “permanently” to Balmain. There are plenty of business ideas in the pipeline and Simon and I have decided to move ahead with printing some business cards. We’ll be offering internet and marketing strategic services. The description sounds a little complicated but the idea is this:

  • We have a business contact us for a webiste quote and/or design
  • We attempt to quote, but given the client’s “brief” is a little bit TOO brief (and from experience we know that the scope will only get bigger rather than smaller), we’re left scratching our heads for a few days
  • When the scratching stops, we quote but probably have to inflate the price because of unknown (although more likely, just “undefined”) contingencies

We’ve decided not to provide website quotes up front. First, we’ll offer (for a fee, of course) to help the client prepare a detailed brief for a web developer to quote on. The benefits of a detailed requirements specification:

  • The website (if they still believe they need one) will meet their business and marketing objectives
  • The website will function in a way that the client needs (rather than in a way that the developer thinks is “cool”) and the website will integrate with the client’s other business activities
  • The website can actually provide a return on investment. Obviously, we can’t guarantee sales (or other types of conversions), but at least we’ll minimise the cost/effort to make and/or fulfill a converted visit.

So…the client gets a website that works, whether or not we actually develop the site. We’re moving a step up the web development food chain. We’re happy for others to do the website development, but perhaps those developers might be happy for us to help them (and their clients) with defining their requirements.


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